Thursday, September 03, 2009

Bad Dog!

Until recently, Trooper has been doing pretty good about staying in our yard. But last week our very naughty sweet little adorable puppy figured out how to infiltrate our neighbor's fenced backyard and gain entrance to their house through their doggy door. Now, our yard is no longer of any interest to Trooper - not when there are new smells to sniff, new foods to eat and new neighbors to annoy!

To make matters worse, he has not learned that ever-so-important command, "Come!". So when he gallops out of our yard, he will pause long enough to look at us, acknowledge our pleading, then thoroughly ignore us, happily chasing butterflies and sniffing strange new spots in the neighbor's yard. It's just like having a toddler! (Well, maybe except the sniffing part.)

So, until our fencing arrives, cute little Trooper has a cute little rope on his cute little collar, keeping him in our huge front yard when he's not in the house.

On the positive side, this week he did clean out all of the food crumbs and bits that collect between the couch cushions. Good dog!

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