Thursday, April 16, 2009

Utterly Adorable

This cute kid comes over occasionally to play with Master Munchkin. Not only is he utterly adorable, he is polite and sweet and fun. And did I mention cute?

I keep trying to convince his mom to let me keep him.
Just for a year or two. :)


Alisa said...

He is adorable! Love the freckles. Being covered in them myself, and all! What a great shot.

April said...

How bad is it that I didn't recognize him? Maybe you should keep him.

April said...

I feel better now, Clay didn't recognize him either. I think it's the angle and the way he's pushing his nose down or something......or I don't know what my kids look like.

Alisa said...

April, is it worse that I recognized him right away?

I swear, I am not a stalker.

I'm much too lazy for that.