Friday, April 10, 2009


Master Munchkin turned eight last week. Now that he's older, I've detected a slight change in his line of questions.
Master Munchkin: If you dropped a baseball into a bucket of acid or hot lava and 1 quark went away every year, would it take over a gogool years for it to dissolve?

Me: Um...(stalling) What do you think?

Master Munchkin: I don't know. I was asking Dad if there are over a Gogool Plex of quarks in the whole universe and he said, "No." But, if the universe goes on forever, then I think there are.

Me: What's a quark?

Sigh. I remember the days with questions about the color of the sky and whether or not the car next to us was speeding. Those, I could answer. Most of the time.

Heaven help me.


April said...

My answer would be...what material comprises the bucket? And if he says he doesn't know, they tell him his question is irrelevant.

So much better than I dunno and you still look like you're smarter.

MrsMama said...

Great idea April. Must remember that one!