Saturday, April 25, 2009

Coal Creek Farm

Coal Creek Farm, originally uploaded by MrsMama.

Little pieces of sweetness from Coal Creek Farm.

To view individual photos larger, visit my Coal Creek Farm set on Flickr. You know you want to.


Dawn, said...

You are so amazing!! We live on 15 acres and I really need to have a photographer come and just roam around and capture it. I find the most obscure things beautiful... hence why I am a groupie of your work, grin!!

Lauri Bernet said...

Wow-those are TRULY amazing. Love it!

April said...

You make it look like I live in a fairy tale.

idreamicanfly said...

You are a brilliant photographer! I'm impressed.

MrsMama said...

Thanks Dawn. Sounds like you have an eye for detail - you'd make a good photographer.

I can't believe I have an actual groupie! I'm so flattered. :)

Lauri, you are too kind. I'm glad you like them. By the way, you ROCK on the piano. Congrats on the job well done at Contest.

April, you DO live in a fairy tale. One with mud and chicken poop, but nevertheless a fairy tale. :)

MrsMama said...

Jo, YOU dear, are the brilliant photographer. You shine both behind and in front of the camera.