Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Random Ramblings

In a renewed effort to get in shape and loose that last 20 lbs, I've been stopping by the local community gym after dropping the kids off at school in the mornings. Yesterday went well - I "elipted" for 30 minutes on my favorite machine of torture. Today I worked with weights and targeted my arms. Right now, they are so shaky and tired that I can hardly lift my favorite cookie to my mouth. O the pain, the agony... :P

On the upside, I have a photoshoot on Thursday. Something entirely new for me - It's shooting a house, inside and out, for a local construction company, before the owners take possession. I am so excited!

This morning, Master Muchkin, being a 7 year old boy, asked me, "Why does shampoo have the word POO in it?" He sounded somewhat suspicious.

And Daylight Savings Time is still messing with me. I am ready for bed about 9-9:30 at night and wake up, ready to go, around 4 AM. Aughhhh!

It's a cold, wet, dreary day here. I just finished making a pot of tea and am off to spend some time post-processing Rechelle's photos.

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