Wednesday, November 26, 2008

If You Give a Boy a Mouse

The Master is in little boy heaven. This morning he rescued a little mouse from one our cats and has spent a happy amount of time making a home for him in the woods. "I heard him squeaking for his life," the Master reported. "And saved him from the Lethal Cat of Doom."


Alisa said...

How does it feel to live in the same house as a hero?
Has he read the book, Desperaux? LOVE that book!

MrsMama said...

We love that book too. Did you know it's coming out as a movie soon?

We just finished listening to the audiobook of another story by the same author, The Miraculous Adventures of Edward Tulane, or something like that. I did not like it nearly as much. It was actually kinda creepy! :P

Alisa said...

Yes! We enjoyed Edward Tulane, but not as much. I really love her writing style. The Dragon Rising was a bit bizarre though. Stay away from that one. Unless you need a good mind trip.
We cannot wait for the Desperaux movie.