Saturday, April 26, 2008


Gracia, originally uploaded by MrsMama.

Gracia Burnham shared her story at Miss Munchkin's school this week. She made the point of how the Real You appears when you are stripped of all your comforts. For over a year, Gracia was without all of the things that Americans come to expect and depend on, including the very basic elements of regular meals, hygiene and medical care. Things like entertainment and fashion quickly became ghosts of the past. She lived in constant danger for her very life. She desperately missed her children and ultimately lost her husband. Yet God sustained her and gave her the strength to get though each day, one at a time. She eventually came to care for her captors and has since returned to minister to them.

A story like this really puts things in perspective. I feel deprived when the Internet is down for the day or I'm out of my favorite coffee creamer. What do I depend on? In Whom do I put my trust? What really matters? These are things worth contemplation.

Please take 2 minutes from your "busy" day to see her story.

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