Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chasing the Wind

Overheard in Miss Munchkin's classroom:

Teacher: What's the purpose of an education?
Boy 1: to get smart
Boy 2: be able to get a good job
Boy 3: get though life
Teacher: Actually, the purpose of having an education is...
Boy 1: to get educated
Teacher: ...to learn how much you do not know.
Boy 2: So we need an education to learn that we're stupid?
Teacher: The purpose of an education is not to get a job. If you think that, you are chasing the wind.
Boy 2: But, if you were really fast...
Boy 1: It's actually really easy to catch the wind.
Boy 2: Yeah, you just stand in front of it and it catches you!
Teacher: Guys, you are trying to avoid this conversation. You are using everything you've got to change the subject and avoid talking about this. What's the matter with you?
Boy 1: A.D.D.
Teacher: I think it goes further than A.D.D.
Boy 1: A.D.H.D.
Teacher: This is vanity!
Miss Munchkin: ya think?

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april said...

I'm so glad this doesn't say girl 1 and girl 2 :)