Sunday, May 16, 2010

And an Eggroll to Go

My nine-year old boy cracks me up.  He has a deadpan way of saying things and will deliver the funniest lines without cracking even a hint of a smile.  We went out today for lunch at our favorite Chinese buffet and throughout the course of the meal, Master Munchkin made the following comments:

"I love shrimp.  Too bad they only come in bite-size."

Me: Here, try some of this squid.
"I made an oath never to eat anything with more than four legs."
Me: Shrimp have more than four legs.
Pause. "Four BIG legs."

Me: Are you done with your food?
"No, I still have ice cream;  Only a fool would give up his dream."


CountessLaurie said...

Too funny! He's right, only a fool would give up his dream or his ice cream :-)

Alisa said...

What a good American he is. We could all learn much from such a man.