Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Visitor from Cuteville

This little puppy came to visit over Thanksgiving. Isn't he just the cutest little thing?!

Our puppy, Trooper, who is not a large dog, positively dwarfed the critter. He thought we got him a new squeaky toy.

Even Frodo had to check him out.

What the?

Trooper needed a little reassurance.

What about ME? Do you still love me?

Smooch! Just checking.


Alisa said...

The Dog is about to get some competition around here as well. The Kids are dog sitting for some friends and they have two little terriers.

Stacey said...

My mother-in-law got a black and white Shih tzu puppy last year (after her 16 year-old black and white Shih Tzu passed). They are the sweetest dogs. Always very gentle.

sapphire443 said...

That sweater looked so familiar I had to take a double-take!!

myinspired♥{sandra} said...