Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Now That I have you Hooked

Sorry to leave you "hanging" on that fish hook photo for so long. That just wasn't nice! Here's a happier photo: the Master holding the fish hook after it was removed from his foot. He was so relieved to have that over! I think the worst part of it (for me) was the long wait at the doctor's office.

I've been very busy taking photos this week. Last night was a fun Photoshoot. There was apple eating, spit-swapping, lots of laughter, a little blood, and a grown man hanging upside down from a tree! Here is a fun one: the expressions on the boys' faces crack me up!

Ann, your sneak peak is coming!


Anonymous said...

Again... great composure getting your munckin to the doctor WITH a hook in his foot! Driving with a crying child has never been my forte-yeah you! Also, the portrait of the couple framed by their two cute boys is very creative, and fun (those expressions). :)

April said...

The dirty fingernails.....says he's been busy.