Sunday, January 18, 2009


My husband had a captive audience during a recent car ride and took the opportunity to talk to the Munchkins about one of his favorite subjects - Math. He started out teaching them about square roots then the topic somehow turned to numbers that have decimals that do not end or repeat themselves.

He asked Miss Munchkin if she knew what they were called.
"They start with the letter 'I'. You are this, sometimes, " he prompted.

Miss M: intelligent?
The Master: irritating?
Miss M: interesting?
The Master: interrupting?
Miss M: ingenious?
The Master: icky?
Miss M: incredible?

"Irrational!" my husband finally broke in.

The Munchkins, both a bit disappointed: Oh.

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Alisa said...

My sil is a h.s. math teacher. I am not. Our conversations are much the same.