Thursday, January 15, 2009


I signed onto Facebook fairly recently, mostly to keep my thumb on the pulse of Miss Munchkin's world. OK, she doesn't actually have a Facebook account, but she most likely will someday and I like to be prepared.

One of the timewasters features you can find on Facebook are little buttons called "Flair". You can collect them and send them to your friends. I have to admit, it's like some of them were made for me.

You can even make your own Flair. I made this one:

So far, seven whole people have liked and used it.

This one cracked up the Master:

This one made me chuckle:

The things we do for our children.


Alisa said...

I'm lost in the pathwords game. Just another way for me to avoid real life. :)

Kaele said...

Love that last one!!! :D

Katharine said...

THanks for explaining "flair" to me... I haven't wanted to figure it out. I probably seem like a "fb stick-in-the-mud" to people who have sent this to me... but now you've opened my eyes to another timewaster --- uh, I mean, another feature on fb.

April said...

Guess what? Chicken butt.
Guess why? Chicken thigh.
Guess who? Chicken poo.
Guess when? Big fat hen.
Guess where? Chicken beak.

Yeah, we play that little game a lot in my house. I just gave you the nice version. We usually end up with little boys saying poop, toot, fart, burp and chocolate to most of the answers.