Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's been a rough week here. The Master has been home sick and, between us, we have missed 3 1/2 school days, 3 kickboxing classes, 4 martial arts classes, 1 cello lesson, and 1 ladies Bible Study. Between not getting any exercise and living solely on coffee and Girl Scout cookies, I feel like a human slug. Ugh.

Anyway, even blogging seems like an effort right now so I'll leave you with these:

This makes me laugh.

This makes me sigh.

And This makes it all worth it.


Swede at Heart said...

I'm feeling your pain over here. :(
I hope he feels better soon!

Alisa said...

We are slowly recovering here. This was a nasty virus. Hope munchkin feels better soon. Hope you can get your routine back soon as well. Sometimes, that is the worst part.