Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little Red is in the Hood


I snapped this picture of Miss Munchkin in the woods behind our house last Fall.


Anonymous said...

I miss you...life is so busy, but I check on you periodically! :) Little Red is beautiful as always - gorgeous contrast. xo

MrsMama said...

That's so kind - thanks! It's been a bit of a rough winter for me. I've been using my spare time to nap instead of blog. I'm glad Spring is finally here. Hopefully I'll start coming out of hibernation. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi There! Great picture. Reading back through your blog and came across recipe for "Stuff of Life Party Dip." Sounds great except I don't understand what "1 TB Chili Pepper" is. Do you mean chili powder, or fresh jalepenos or what? It sounds so good I'd like to try it. Thanks, Libby

MrsMama said...

Hi Libby, it should have read "chili powder". Thanks for catching that!

BTW, Sometimes I'll add a bit less - it depends on your tastes.