Wednesday, November 24, 2010


My Favorite Sister is still living abroad in the Philippines but now she has a visitor - my mother!   We've all been missing Rene, but my mom couldn't stand it any longer and hopped on a plane for a ride around the world.  She's been having all sorts of grand adventures - hiking and riding around on motorcycles, helping in Rene's classroom and taking showers out of a cold bucket of water!  I'll miss being with them for Thanksgiving, but I'm thankful that they are together.

Between baking pies this week, I've been working on a required paper for my Black Belt Test.  We have to write a three page paper and read it out loud at our graduation.  I think I should do an interpretive dance instead.  ;)


annalyn said...

wow! I hope your mom like it there...and I am very thankful to your sister spending her talent to my kababayan (countrymen).

Anonymous said...

Wow! Rene is wearing our native attire, the tapis..