Friday, October 29, 2010

The Picture Within

We’ve all gotten those “less than perfect” shots from time to time.  You know the ones, where somebody wiggles at just the wrong moment or blinks right when you push down the shutter.  Wait!  Before you hit “delete” on your camera or computer, take another look.  There might be a wonderful picture hiding somewhere in there!

For example, this cutie-patooie was showing me her sweater.  Her brother was showing me some “Cheese”.A&Q1-2

A little cropping, a zoom, and a slight rotation later you get this!A&Q2

This next photo was pretty cute to start with but I think the viewer’s eye is drawn away from the girl’s face down to her lower arm and leg.  I’m also distracted by the strong purple flowers above her head.  And that’s a shame because, with a zoom and a crop…


You get this!  So look twice at your photos; You may uncover a hidden treasure.



Dawn, said...

OH MY, she is a cutey! That second shot is darling, the crop was brilliant!

Alisa said...

Thanks for the reminder that cropping is a good thing. Sometimes I feel like I need the background to tell the story. Such as my silly pumpkin patch pictures with 90 odd people in the background!
Yours look great.

JFields said...

Well said! These are great!!