Thursday, August 12, 2010

Believe it or Not

Believe it or not, these were not taken at the Ocean.


There’s nothing like sand on your toes and a fresh breeze in your hair.




Be careful Master Munchkin!  And no, you may not spit.


CountessLaurie said...

Then that is ONE BIG LAKE !!
Beautiful pics!!

idreamicanfly said...

Oh ho ho, a Great Lake! As a native Michigander, I know all about those. Swimming in the Great Lakes is *so* much better than swimming in the ocean, and coming out all sticky. :P

MrsMama said...

Yep, you guys got it. This is Lake Erie. We enjoyed it immensely - all the fun without the salt and seaweed and oil.

The second time we were there the waves were so high that the swimming beach was closed. We stayed for a few hours, waded and watched the waves - beautiful!