Saturday, October 25, 2008


I wanted to welcome all of the April Stalkers who visited my blog recently. Thank you for all of your kind comments on my photos and for all of the reassuring and comforting notes about, well, poo. I told her the "Incident" wasn't even worth mentioning.

Here is a bonus picture for all of you. It's our version of the famous "American Gothic House" painting.

What should we call it?


Alisa said...

I want to know which one of them chased the chicken around?
If we could get family pictures like these, my husband wouldn't give me so much trouble about taking them!
I'm entirely uncreative this morning, so no title out of me. Sorry.

cndymkr / jean said...

Now this is a good picture and it has April in it. Great job.

Swede at Heart said...

You really did an EXCELLENT job on their photos. Not only are they well shot, but so fun and whimsical too!

MrsMama said...

Alisa, that chicken was very tame and friendly and required almost no chasing, believe it or not. I even got to pet it. :)

Thanks Jean. I'm glad you stopped by.

A, we need to get together to talk photography and GF food. Thanks so much for your comment - it made my day. :)

Katharine said...

In keeping with the previous photo, called, "Are You my Mother?" I think you could call this, "Are you my father?" (I learned recently that the real "American Gothic" is NOT of a husband and wife, but instead of a father and his adult daughter. I never knew that.)... Otherwise, I think it could be called, "New Pitchfork" or "Iron Before Plucking"

Your photos are so fun.