Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Do What?

We often start warming up in martial arts class by jogging around the room. This is usually challenging enough for me, but the instructor then takes things up a notch by randomly clapping 2 pads together, signaling that we should touch the ground and reverse directions as fast as we can. By this time I am quite "warm", thank you.

This week, they added something new. "OK, when I clap twice, I want you to do a forward roll."

A forward what!? Okaaaay....

Clap clap! I quickly glance around. All the black belt guys tuck their shoulder, gracefully roll, and come up running. I just keep going. Maybe no one will notice.

Clap clap! I stop and awkwardly perform a somersault, head over heels. I hope no one is watching. Back to running. Suddenly running seems less sinister. Ah, good old running - something I can do.

Clap clap! Again?! I perform another painful somersault. I haven't done this since 2nd grade. Obviously the guys know something I don't. We run some more. Did I mention that I love running?

After a few more laps, we are done warming up. Thank goodness! My body is warm but my face is warmer. I make a mental note to get some private tutoring on that roll. I'm sure my kids can help.


idreamicanfly said...

Hey, I know this one! Although I wouldn't necessarily call my roll "graceful" unless I'm on a pad. Then it looks brilliant :)

Let me see if I can explain this one... So, get down on your knees. Your left knee will be on the floor, your right foot will be on the floor with your knee up towards your face. Now, put both hands flat on the floor in front of your knee/foot. On your left hand, your fingers will be facing forwards. On your right hand your fingers will pointing left. Next, thread your head under your left armpit and roll. The first thing to touch the ground should be your right shoulder. Then just roll gracefully. If you have enough momentum, you'll end up on your feet.

Confused yet? Brilliant - I've done my job for the morning! ;) - Jo

Alisa said...

Where's the video?

MrsMama said...

Alisa - HA! There is no video, nor will there ever be one (if I have anything to say about it!). :P

Thanks for help, IDream. I should have known that you could do one of these.

April said...

I'm thankful I missed that class. The splatting wouldn't have bee pleasant.

idreamicanfly said...

We seem to do groundwork in IKMF a lot sooner than you guys do in your version. Rolls are part of the first (P1) test. On the other hand, you don't see me voluntarily doing anything where I actually get *punched*, so you're ahead on that stuff!