Saturday, January 01, 2011


Our dog, Trooper


Captivated said...

So cute! He's so bouncy/pouncy. I love how his tail is so whippy too. What breed is he? We have a lab/springer puppy that is just driving us nutsy this winter:-)

Dawn, said...

That so made me smile. Shadows can trick me too. I've been know to be walking through our pasture and when a small hawk flies over and casts a gigantic shadow, I've ducked... my kids find it hilarious. But the shadow looks like an airplane is about to land on me, snicker!

Nichole@40daysof said...

That was hilarious! I also love it when he springs across the yard like a rabbit. One of my parent's dogs used to do that.

MrsMama said...

Captivated, he's a Lab/Spaniel mix.

Dawn, hey, it's better to duck than to get snatched up by a gigantic hawk! :)

Nichole, our neighbors have mistaken him for a deer sometimes, when he bounds into the woods. I've never seen a dog do that before. We're just lucky, I guess. :)