Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Life of Fred

 One of the benefits of homeschooling is that I can tailor the curriculum to fit my child.  Last year Master Munchkin was bored in Math at school so I really wanted Math to be challenging for him this year.  And fun.

Happily, I found a Math textbook that is both.  Stanley Schmidt, Ph.D. wrote a series called "Life of Fred".  The lessons are infused with unexpected humor and surprises.

For example, here are a few of the questions from this week's quiz:

(A little background info for those of you who haven't been through the first 10 chapters, Fred has had an Accident.  So brace yourselves.)

1.  The knife in Fred's foot weighs thirteen pounds.  How many ounces is that?

2.  Reduce as far as possible 120/360

3.  Drip!  is the onomatopoetic word describing Fred as Betty carried him down the stairs.  If Fred were losing one drop of blood every four seconds, how many drops of blood would he lose in four minutes?

8.  It is seven furlongs from Fred's office to the hospital.  How many feet is that?  (A furlong is 220 yards)


Now what boy wouldn't love that?!  I love hearing him laugh out loud as he's reading the chapters and I'm thrilled that he is enjoying Math again.  Now what mom wouldn't love that? :)


Remnants by RJ said...

I'm really going to miss you at Elementary Clubs, but it sounds like home schooling is agreeing with you!

idreamicanfly said...

Yup, I definitely want to join your school.

Don said...

And I get to hear the latest Fred news when I get home. Always exciting. :)